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Hofseth BioCare

Hofseth BioCare ASA (HBC) has announced the grant of its patent no. 3399871; “A new method to improve enzyme hydrolysis and resultant protein flavour and bio-activity of fish offcuts”, with the use of turbine mixing during enzymatic hydrolysis of aquatic protein from species such as fish, aquatic mammals, crustaceans and/or molluscs.

With this patent, HBC now holds the IP on hydrolysis processing of not only salmon off-cuts but all fish species. This lays the foundation for HBC to lead the development of high-end protein extraction of fish off-cuts and create a new platform for growth in the coming years. The result of the method is higher quality aquatic protein hydrolysates, having very low oxidation, improved organoleptic profile and improved biological activity of interest, especially for human consumption and cosmetics.

This is important in the long-term strategy on differentiating our protein hydrolysates from conventional protein products to human health.

The patent has already been approved by the Norwegian patent authorities. Hofseth BioCare are continuing to pursue this patent application in other major jurisdictions globally, including Canada, USA, Chile, Peru et al.

HBC is a Norwegian biotech company that develops high-value ingredients and finished products. Ingredients are further developed into discovery and pre-clinical studies in multiple clinics and university research labs in several countries. Lead clinical and pre-clinical candidates are development towards a Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Protective Medical Food, Medical Food to help treat age-related Sarcopenia, and future phase 1 studies on treatment of Anemia and NEC-IBS with Salmon Protein Hydrolysate fractions.