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Seafood Processing



Intech acquires KM Fish Machinery. Intech, the Danish fish processing equipment manufacturer has acquired KM Fish Machinery, gaining new competencies and products within the fishing industry, which complement Intech’s own perfectly.

The acquisition is an important strategic initiative as well as a natural match in an industry with increasing customer demands for complete solutions from full-line supplier. Pioneers within fishing industry and world class development KM Fish Machinery, owned and run by Kaj Christensen, CEO, and Niels Kronborg Nielsen, sales director, has always been a market leader in manufacturing process equipment for the fishing industry, including shrimp cookers, shrimp sorting machines and fish gutting machines. Today, KM Fish Machinery develops equipment for fishing and shrimp vessels around the world, including the patented peeling machine for both shrimp and krill and the automatic tank maturing system for shrimp.

“We are one of the leading manufacturers of process equipment for shrimp and fish processing on board vessels and land based factories, and with Intech’s acquisitions we can continue to deliver the absolute highest quality, but to a greater extent. To us, it has been a matter of increasing both knowledge and capacity. Intech and KM Fish Machinery complement each other with good feedback. With the acquisition, we now have greater opportunity to develop more products for the benefit of our customers. In addition, as a major global player in the market, we can handle more and larger projects, which at the same time will be easier to complete and to higher customer satisfaction,” says Kaj Christensen.

“I look very much forward to the collaboration, which I consider to be the right solution for KM Fish Machinery. Both our employees, Kaj, and I continue in the company, which creates stability and continuity for both employees and our many customers around the world,” says Niels Kronborg Nielsen.

KM Fish Machinery, which has approximately 20 employees, continues as an independent company and under the same name. Intech continues its ambitious growth strategy.

At Intech, the management sees very positively at the acquisition and the future in general. Intech has expanded greatly in recent years and has established e.g. subsidiary in both Norway and Germany as well as service department in the US. For Intech’s CEO, Kim Weidemann, the acquisition of KM Fish Machinery is an important part of Intech’s continued growth. The company has a very clear and ambitious growth strategy, and management expects a doubling of Intech in 2025 compared to 2020.

“With the acquisition, we strengthen Intech’s position in the market even further, and we can offer several different solutions for both vessels and land based factories. I definitely expect growth within existing as well as new segments. KM Fish Machinery has products that can be included into our projects immediately and with great advantages. At the same time, the collaboration also enables Intech to enter markets where we have not been represented previously. This includes shrimp peeling, fish gutting, hot water shrimp and farming, which are segments in which we see great future perspectives”, says Kim Weidemann.

Intech specialises in designing and manufacturing stainless steel process equipment for the fishing and food industry as well as industrial automation such as complete robot cells and electrical construction. The company, which has approximately 100 employees, is one of the leading suppliers of process equipment to the fishing industry.

“I am very proud and it is a huge milestone that Intech and KM Fish Machinery enter this collaboration, which will create synergies from day one. It fits like a glove for Intech’s growth strategy. We gain a lot of experience and competencies, which enables us to develop both machines and projects jointly for a market that we know exists, and we now have the capacity to make it happen,” says Leif Carøe Andersen, who is co-owner of Intech.

The new collaboration also provides an opportunity to scale up production. KM Fish Machinery has a massive drawing archive of many machines. The product range covers everything from seafood to fish. With Intech’s acquisitions comes the capacity to give many of the innovative products from the drawing archive a refinement, so they can be introduced to the market for the benefit of the entire industry. In the future, some of the special machines will be manufactured in the production at Intech, where the facilities and crew to produce on a large scale are present.