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King Oscar Yellowfin Tuna Selections

King Oscar Yellowfin Tuna Selections – Legendary Norwegian seafood producer King Oscar, a subsidiary of Thai Union®, continues to raise the bar when it comes to exceptional seafood with the launch of its new ultra-premium yellowfin tuna selections, its first tuna offering in the US market. The brand, whose old-fashioned commitment to superior quality remains stronger than ever, is excited to add this new item to its line-up of other beloved high-end seafood products.

The easy-pour, whole fillet line features four flavors including: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Green Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jalapeno Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence. King Oscar began shipping the 6.7-ounce jars in April 2021 with an expected MSRP of $8.49.

“King Oscar Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna was designed to be indulgent, and to convey premium quality and craftmanship at its core,” said John Engle, King Oscar USA President. “To better understand what consumers wanted to see on shelves, we conducted numerous consumer focus groups and spoke directly with the people who were proven heavy users of premium glass-jarred tuna. Coming out of those meetings, we were happy to find that the new Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna had the highest purchase intent scores of any product innovation in my history with the brand.”

The lineup features innovative and dynamic flavors packaged in unique easy pour, “whole release” glass jars. This fresh, contemporary design ensures premium quality, and elevates King Oscar’s commitment to sustainability through Thai Union’s SeaChange® initiative. Every recipe contains wild caught yellowfin with simple, clean, hand packed ingredients, including pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“The brand is currently targeting the traditional grocery channels, specialty markets, and e-commerce, and the retailer receptivity and acceptance for the new King Oscar Yellowfin Tuna Fillets line is ahead of schedule,” said Engle. “The popularity of shelf-stable seafood as a category has been steadily rising, and tuna is the dominant segment within the category. Consumers can enjoy the elegance of the product inside the glass jar before they make their purchase, and its consumption – whether straight from the jar, on a charcuterie board, as part of a green salad or over a bowl of homemade pasta – will redefine the dining experience.”