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Koden Black Box Radars

Koden Black Box Radars with C-Map Chart Overlay

The Koden black box radars MDC-5000 series is a hit and that’s official according to David Ash, Managing Director of Mantsbrite Marine Electronics.

“The new Koden Black Box Radars have proved very popular with our customers” says David, “And with a starting price of £3995 ex VAT, the Koden MDC-5041 radar offers unparalleled value for money”

Since its launch in March, the MDC-5000 series has appealed to owners of smaller Fishing Vessels, Workboats and Tugs for which it was purposely designed. The system consists of the ‘Black Box’ processor with a VGA output for use with an XGA or UXGA monitor; a keyboard with 5m cable; and a choice of radome or open array antennas.

The radar can also be operated using a wireless trackball connected to the radars USB socket. The radars are available with 48 nautical mile, 4kW radome / open array transceivers or 64 nautical mile, 6kW open array transceivers. There is also a choice of 4ft & 6ft antennas for the open array transceivers.

When interfaced appropriately the radars can overlay the radar image onto a C-Map Max chart aiding navigation and radar target recognition. AIS and Target Tracking (ARPA) interfaces are provided as standard with up to 500 AIS targets and up to 50 ARPA target capabilities.

For further information please contact the UK distributor:

Mantsbrite Marine Electronics, 19F Spital Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6DY.

Tel 01621 853003. E mail sales@mantsbrite.com