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Health and Safety


MAIB Report on SMN Explorer

On 1 February 2018, a crewman from the cargo vessel SMN Explorer was fatally crushed while working on deck when a stowage space hatch cover fell on him. The weight of the crewman climbing up the inside of the open hatch cover after its locking pins had been removed caused it to topple forward and slam shut.

The accident was the result of procedural inadequacies and a lapse of supervision. The investigation identified that the vessel’s safety management system was immature and the safety culture on board the vessel was weak. Risk assessments had not been conducted for routine tasks and a safe system of work had not been developed for opening and closing the forecastle (fo’c’s’le) stowage space hatch cover.

Recommendations have been made to the vessel’s managers, Sky Mare Navigation Co, to: improve the system of work for closing SMN Explorer’s foredeck hatch; and, across its managed fleet, take steps both to improve the safety culture on board and, specifically, improve the maintenance management of lifting appliances.

Fore more information please visit – https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/crush-incident-involving-a-falling-hatch-cover-on-general-cargo-vessel-smn-explorer-with-loss-of-1-life