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i-Flow O2

Peak Gas Generation announces launch of new i-Flow O2 oxygen gas generator

Peak Gas Generation, global leader in on-site gas generation for manufacturing and processing industries, has launched its very first oxygen gas generator, the i-Flow O2, to add to its already successful i-Flow range of nitrogen gas generators.

Engineered based on proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, i-Flow O2 utilizes a synthetic zeolite molecular sieve, producing high quality industrial grade oxygen gas, with up to 95% purity & a maximum flow rate of 576 L/min.

As with all i-Flow products, i-Flow O2 offers a modular and expandable gas generator system, designed to deliver an on-demand supply of oxygen gas with future-proof capacity to increase oxygen supply should a facility require this moving forward as operations grow.

Industries where oxygen is required in remote locations, such as aquaculture and fish farming, are sectors which could improve their gas supply with such a dependable source of oxygen gas, eliminating the challenges & hassles of bulk gas deliveries. Sewage and waste water treatment, glass blowing, as well as welding, cutting and brazing are amongst some of the other sectors requiring high quality oxygen, that i-Flow O2 can serve.

Michelle Goldie, Head of Product Management at Peak Gas Generation, says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer an efficient and reliable oxygen supply to new industry sectors. With i-Flow O2, we have built-upon our existing gas generation technology to provide a truly cost-effective solution for customers requiring high purity industrial oxygen supply.

“i-Flow O2 offers flexibility for additional capacity should customer demand increase over time. Facilities do not only get to meet their current needs but can also upgrade their infrastructure in a controlled and predictable way that is more cost-effective than relying on the volatile prices of bulk gas delivery.”

i-Flow O2 also comes with advanced features such as standby mode, a PurityGuardTM gas purity safeguard system, as well as remote monitoring capabilities, for added safety, intelligence and energy efficient on-site gas generation.