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Commercial Fishing



RFC implements new training programmes for seafarers. The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has launched a series of training seminars on the rules of operation of modern ship separators in cooperation with the supplier Alfa Laval, a world leader in the design and manufacture of heat exchange, separation and flow equipment, including for fishing vessels. Lectures and the practical part of the classes are held at the Maritime State University named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy.

Specialists from the Russian division of Alfa Laval train mechanics and electromechanics of the Russian Fishery Company in the rules for operating the latest separators used in the fuel system of the vessel and in the production equipment for processing fish products. The main advantage of training is that specialists learn directly from modern equipment manufacturers.

“We aim to organise similar courses in partnership with all key companies supplying equipment for our vessels. For example, the mechanics of the lead ship from a series of new supertrawlers of the RFC were trained in Germany by MAN engine manufacturers, who pre-train mechanics in the procedures for servicing their equipment at special training stands of the MAN Academy, ” said Sergey Vikharev, head of the RFC’s Training Centre. “The main task is to prepare the fleet specialists so that they can quickly, efficiently and trouble-free start operating new modern equipment.”

“We support this initiative and hope that training will continue on a regular basis in the future,” notes Denis Uryvaev, head of the Service department of Alfa Laval Potok. “We see that the Russian Fishery Company pays a lot of attention to the training of crews, and such combined work in relation to new ship equipment can be very useful”.

The RFC plans to ensure that such seminars are held on a regular basis for the crew of the company’s high-tech fleet under construction.

About Russian Fishery Company

RFC is one of the largest producers of Pollock globally. The company is among the three leading Russian producers of wild white fish. The main harvested species are Pollock and Pacific Нerring. RFC is engaged in fishing in the far Eastern fisheries basin. The Company’s large fishing vessels are well suited to work in all fishing areas and under all climate conditions. They are equipped with modern fishing and processing equipment from leading international suppliers that enables the vessels to harvest different types of seafood. Strategic goals of the Company involve increasing the output of high value-added products due to fleet modernisation, building of new facilities.

RFC is building a new fleet of supertrawlers. The first of 11 supertrawlers to be built for the RFC was handed over to the company in 2020.

Visit http://www.russianfishery.ru/eng/ to learn more.

About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a global expert in three key technologies: heat exchange, separation and flow equipment. The company has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable provider of solutions and services in the energy, maritime and food and beverage industries in more than 100 countries around the world.

The company has been present in Russia since 1905. Today, the Russian division of the company employs about 200 highly qualified employees; since 1995, a local production of heat exchange equipment with its own warehouse of finished products and a service centre has begun.

Alfa Laval’s innovative technologies for refining, cleaning, primary and secondary processing help to sustainably use natural resources. They increase energy efficiency, allow you to reuse the generated heat, reduce harmful emissions, and purify wastewater.