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Russian frozen fish wholesale prices continue to decline. Over the past period, from April 20 to 26, 2020, prices for frozen fish in the wholesale segment of the domestic Russian market continued to decline.

In the Far Eastern region, the unfavourable world market conditions, as well as weak external and domestic demand, maintain a downward price trend for export-oriented fish species – cod and pollock, whose value fell by 1.8% and 8.8%, to 165 rubles and 93 rubles per kilogram. Prices for other types of frozen fish remained virtually unchanged. The cost of sockeye salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon remained at the level of 380 rubles, 190 rubles and 105 rubles per kilogram.

In the northwest, haddock fell in price to 170 rubles per kilogram. Prices for other types of frozen fish were stable or declining due to weak wholesale and retail sales in the face of increased quarantine measures aimed at restricting population movements.

In the central regions, pollock fell in price by 6.5% to 115 rubles per kilogram. Prices for mackerel and Atlantic herring decreased by 0.7% and 1.3%, to 142 rubles and 76 rubles per kilogram, due to an increase in supply from fishing companies and positive dynamics in stocks. Prices for another popular assortment of frozen fish have not changed. The cost of pink salmon and chum salmon remained at the level of 135 rubles and 215 rubles per kilogram.

The average consumer price level for unfrozen frozen fish, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, increased by 0.1% from April 14 to 20.