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Commercial Fishing



Russian Pacific salmon catch soars. As of July 19, 91 thousand tons of Pacific salmon were harvested in the Far East. This is 2.4 times more compared to the same date last year and 19% less compared to the data for 2019.

Over the past week, the increase amounted to 34 thousand tons.

The leading position in terms of production – 78 thousand tons – is occupied by pink salmon, its catch is concentrated in the north-east of Kamchatka. Fishing for this type of fish is actively developing in the Magadan Region and in the Okhotsk District of the Khabarovsk Territory.

In the Sakhalin-Kuril region, intensive commercial fishing for pink salmon is carried out only in the Northern Kuriles.

The total catch of sockeye salmon reached 9 thousand tons by July 19, the catch of chum salmon – 3.6 thousand tons. The catch of small species of Pacific salmon (coho salmon, chinook salmon and sima) totaled 331 tonnes.

As the VNIRO scientists note, in the south of the Far East, hot weather has caused river waters to warm up to temperatures that go beyond the upper limit of the preferred range for spawning migration of Pacific salmon. In particular, in the north-east of Sakhalin, river waters have warmed up to 20.2 ° С, and in the south of the island – up to 25 ° С. This thermal regime can be the reason for a decrease in the migration activity of salmon in these areas.

At the same time, in the coastal area along the migration routes of Pacific salmon, temperatures unfavourable for spawning migration are not observed.

Source: dalekayaokraina.ru