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Marine Science



S2G launches seafood investment team. S2G Ventures has launched an oceans and seafood investment team with commitments of up to $100 million to the strategy. Kate Danaher and Larsen Mettler have joined the firm as Managing Directors to manage the Oceans and Seafood strategy.

S2G backs entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system. S2G’s oceans and seafood strategy will seek to invest in early, venture, and growth stage companies globally across thematic areas including seafood and alternative protein sources, aquaculture and supply chain innovation, traceability/transparency, algae/seaweed, and ocean health.

An S2G statement said:

“The ocean plays a critical role in the health of our planet.  And the seafood industry is a critical protein source for over 3 billion people. The stability of the ocean and seafood sector are important for long-term human health.

“According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, since 1970 the oceans have absorbed over 90 percent of excess heat trapped in Earth’s climate system.  This warming is causing significant changes in currents and sea levels, which affect the health of marine species, nearshore and deep ocean ecosystems, as well as weather systems across the globe.

“Entrepreneurs are working on significant advances in technology and science that will further enhance our understanding of species and habitats, and ultimately create more sustainable fishing and ecosystems.  S2G launched the new oceans and seafood strategy to support these entrepreneurs in successfully developing scalable solutions to the challenges that threaten the health of our oceans and ultimately people and our planet.

“Oceans and seafood is a natural extension of our work in food and agriculture and a critical step towards building a more humane and healthy planet.   It’s a big vision, and we know we can’t do it alone.  We look forward to engaging with entrepreneurs, co-investors and strategic partners who are interested in affecting real change. We hope you will join us.”



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