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Marine Science



Seanova achieves sustainability certification. Seanova, the exclusive distributor of Epax® fish oils in France, Spain and Portugal, has earned certification for sustainable production by Friend of the Sea.

“Seanova has made environmentalism a core part of its brand,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “This is a wise and forward-looking approach to the market, one that we think will be richly rewarded by consumers who are increasingly aware of sustainability in the products they buy.”

Located in Pleuven, France, the heart of a region facing the Atlantic Ocean, the 17- person company offers a range of natural ingredients, offering real health and nutritional benefits for humans and animals.

Seanova is now certifying all Epax® fish oils under Friend of the Sea to ensure high quality and purity. “The Friend of the Sea certification allows us to guarantee our customers healthy ingredients that comply with environmental and social standards as well as good practices for sustainable fishing,” a spokesperson for Seanova said.

About Seanova

Located in South Finistère, in Brittany, Seanova, now has 17 employees. The company was born from a man’s passion for biotechnology and nutrition-health, with the main objective of the valorisation of marine and vegetable lipids.

Seanova has developed expertise in healthy ingredients and innovative formulations of oils, capsules and powders/microcapsules.

Efficiency, innovation and respect for the environment are at the heart of the company.

Seanova is a company on a human scale that has grown over the years but keeps its feet on the ground (and on the sea) and its primary objective in sight.

Seanova is continuously improving its work ecosystem by targeting 2 areas:

– sustainable development,
– the desire to create an environment that allows each employee to constantly grow and develop.