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Skipper Expo Intl Bristol Postponed

Skipper Expo Intl Bristol postponed until 2020 – The next Skipper Expo Int. Bristol has been postponed from the original date in November this year and will now be held towards the end of 2020 instead.

Show owner Mara Media says that feedback from exhibitors and visitors suggests that the current venue in Bristol, whilst having many positives, is still not ideal and it might serve the fishing industry’s needs better if relocated to another venue and possibly even to another location in the south-west of England.

Sharon Boyle of Mara Media says: “There is also a lot of uncertainty in the industry at the moment and we feel it is vital to find a fit-for-purpose venue and location for this event that meets the requirements of the fishing sector.

This is a process that could take time to ensure we get it right, which is why we’ve decided to postpone the event until 2020.

“Our Irish and Scottish expos are thriving at the moment and we intend to use our expertise in fishing show management to find the right location that will deliver the best results for the industry in England and Wales. We will continue to consult with the fishing industry as part of this process and will publicise the outcome as soon as we can.”