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The Explorers Kraken Family Day celebrates European Maritime Day-Save the Date

The Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme is delighted to announce that they will be hosting five Kraken beach events for families on seashores around the country, celebrating as part of European Maritime Day, on Saturday 21st May at 12pm.

The Explorers team are encouraging families to save the date in May and join them on beaches in counties Mayo, Galway, Kerry, Waterford and Dublin to hear stories about the largest mythical sea monsters known as the Kraken which according to legend are found in the deepest parts of the ocean.

“The Kraken is a legendary sea monster, gigantic in size, that is said to exist off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. It is believed that the Kraken will be swimming past Ireland in May and the Explorers team are on the look-out, to see if it might land on one of the local seashores,” explained Dr Noirin Burke, of the Explorers Education Programme.

“Celebrating our local seashore on European Maritime Day, we will be running walks and talks, litter pick-ups, and encouraging families to join us in creating sand sculptures of the scariest and largest cephalopod species. Spot prizes funded will be provided to children for creating the best Kraken sand sculptures,” Dr Burke added.

European Maritime Day takes place all around Europe and aims to raise awareness and engage people in learning about our ocean, as well as building a network to encourage the development of a sustainable blue economy.

Ms Patricia Orme, Corporate Services Director of the Marine Institute, welcomed the Explorers Kraken Family Day. The day is a great way to support and encourage families to learn about the marine environment, and understand our impact on the ocean, as well as promoting the development of our blue economy in Ireland, and beyond.”

The Explorers Kraken Family Day on the beach will take place at 12pm on Saturday the 21st May in the following locations: Old Head Beach in Mayo, on Grattan Beach in Galway, Waterville Beach in Kerry, Tramore West in Waterford (run in conjunction with the Bealtaine Living Earth Festival), and Dollymount Strand in Dublin.

Families are encouraged to book their attendance in advance here.

The Explorers Education Programme is funded by the Marine Institute, Ireland’s state agency for marine research, technology development and innovation.