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World's Largest Wellboat Launched in Turkey

World’s Largest Wellboat Launched in Turkey – The World’s largest wellboat, the Ronja Storm, was launched yesterday from the Cemre shipyard in Turkey where it was purpose built, and is now heading to Norway for the internal fitout.

Once the fitout is complete, the Ronja Storm will join Huon’s fleet in Tasmania where it will be used to transport and bathe salmon.

Peter Bender, Huon Aquaculture Chief Executive Officer said, “We are pleased to confirm that the Ronja Storm has been launched and is now on its way to Norway. We expect that it will be delivered to Tasmania by November this year. “The Ronja Storm is our biggest vessel yet and it will be an asset that will ensure Huon’s long-term success.

The Ronja Storm is more than double the size as the World’s previous biggest wellboat, and can hold over 12,000 cubic meters of water. “The amount of technology that is going into the vessel is truly astounding. It really is the cutting edge of salmon farming. “The Ronja Storm will have its own desalination plant which can produce 700 tonnes of freshwater in an hour. This will allow us to operate more efficiently and reduce pressure on Tasmania’s freshwater supply.

The vessel will be leased to Huon for a period of 10-years from Solvtrans, a Norwegian-based company who specialise in building wellboats.

Once the Ronja Storm arrives, Huon’s current wellboat, the Ronja Huon, will be used as dedicated harvest vessel and will be available as a backup wellboat. “Dedicating the Ronja Huon to harvest translates to better biosecurity outcomes.

We will achieve this as all of the water brought to shore with the harvest fish will be returned to the vessel for disinfection before it is returned to the ocean, minimising the risk of pathogen transfer. “We are thrilled to be on the cutting-edge of salmon farming and I believe that the Ronja Storm will enable us to be even better farmers,” concluded Peter Bender.