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Application Deadline for Global Aquaculture Innovation Award is June 30. Only 6 days remain to apply for the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s seventh annual Global Aquaculture Innovation Award, sponsored by Preferred Freezer Services.

How do I apply? To apply, visit the competition’s webpage, download the application form, fill it out in its entirety, and email it to Dan Lee at dan.lee@aquaculturealliance.org and Steven Hedlund at steven.hedlund@aquaculturealliance.org.

What’s the prize? Three finalists will be invited (all expenses paid) to GAA’s GOAL 2019 conference in Chennai, India, from Oct. 21 to 24 to present their innovation, with the audience selecting the winner. The finalists will also be featured in GAA’s Global Aquaculture Advocate.

What’s an aquaculture innovation? Examples include technologies that mitigate the occurrence of animal diseases or parasites, or that reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics to treat animals; technologies that improve production efficiencies at the hatchery or farm levels while mitigating environmental impact; advances in offshore or land-based recirculation technologies; novel feed ingredients; reductions in carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency or regeneration; and social programs designed to improve living and working conditions at the farm or processing levels.

About Global Aquaculture Alliance

At the Global Aquaculture Alliance, their mission is to promote responsible aquaculture practices through education, advocacy and demonstration. For over 20 years, they have demonstrated their commitment to feeding the world through responsible and sustainable aquaculture.

They do this by providing resources to individuals and businesses worldwide who are associated with aquaculture and seafood. They improve production practices through their partnerships with countries, communities and companies, as well as online learning and groundbreaking journalism that boasts active readership in every country of the world.

Goal Conference

Speakers delivering insight on the trends shaping the future of responsible aquaculture production and sourcing, while networking with more than 400 seafood professionals from 30-plus countries. GOAL (Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership) is a pre-competitive event, an opportunity to put day-to-day business aside and bring together all industry segments to discuss shared responsibilities and goals. Since its inception in 2001, GOAL has been a must-attend event for the world’s aquaculture thought leaders.