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Blumar Seafoods to use 100% clean energy. Chilean company Blumar Seafoods and its subsidiaries PacificBlu, St. Andrews and Frío Pacífico hav signed an energy supply contract with Enel Generación that will allow them to change their energy matrix to supply only clean energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal or hydraulic .

The process was advised by Match Energía and the milestone involves companies obtaining a certification and green seal, which among other benefits will bring: energy traceability; certification of origin and ownership; minimization of environmental and social impact, management of Environmental Responsibility; Social Responsibility and Sustainability, with a model in line with the objectives of ISO 14001 and 9001, and a clear differentiation in the market.

“We have taken a significant step, where we appropriately combine the development of the business with a vision that is friendly to the environment and the communities, both in the field of fishing and salmon farming. The commitment of Blumar and its subsidiaries is to continue delivering top quality products produced with the best sustainability standards, contributing to healthy eating and taking charge of the climate emergency that the world is experiencing. It is a source of satisfaction to know that the energy that illuminates and operates our processes comes from renewable sources ”commented the General Manager of Blumar Seafoods, Gerardo Balbontín in the framework of the signing of the agreement carried out this morning virtually.

This contract was awarded to Enel through a bidding process carried out by the consulting company, MatchEnergía, which will last for 4 years, for an approximate annual total of 72 GWh.

“Our objective is that the benefits of the Chilean energy transition towards a clean and efficient matrix reach our customers. A goal that we proudly carry out, also in a challenging context due to the ongoing health emergency. With this supply contract and through these certifications, we support our clients in meeting their strategic objectives, such as having operations that are increasingly sustainable and friendly to their community and environmental surroundings,” said Paolo Pallotti , general manager of Enel Chile.

After one year, the verification of the exclusivity of the Green Energy sold to the client is carried out, which certifies the participating companies with the green seal, allowing the use of this mark in the marketing of the products.

Thus, this agreement is part of the company’s sustainability strategy, where one of its fundamental pillars is environmental responsibility. Undoubtedly, this agreement represents an important advance in the way the company manages the processes in its daily work.