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Busy period for Morgère with many new orders received. The Morgère production facility at St Malo has been extremely busy over the last few weeks as the company fulfils numerous orders for trawl doors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic fishing fleets around the world have been working hard to keep the food supply chains moving, and this has ensured that demand for  Morgère trawl doors remains strong.

Orders from skippers have been received from both the French and international markets, with demand for doors such as Exocet and Osprey being especially good.

Michel Dagorn of Morgère said:

“We are delighted that skippers around the world continue to recognise the exceptional performance of our trawl doors, which is reflected by the large number of orders we are currently receiving. We also provide an excellent after-sales service, offering advice and technical help to skippers.”

Morgère have also confirmed that they will be exhibiting at Irish Skipper Expo 2021 on 12 and 13 March, and Scottish Skipper Expo 2021.

At both expos, Morgère will be promoting the latest version of the Exocet with its new innovative design. Since its launch on the market five years ago, the Exocet has become very popular with skippers, giving excellent fishing results.

The new design is more curved in order to improve the performance while minimising its drag, enabling fuel savings.

The Exocet is ideal for working in challenging fishing conditions thanks to its robustness, versatility, and ease of handling.