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Cabinplant Celebrates 50 Years

Cabinplant Celebrates 50 Years at Seafood Processing Global 2019

Leading global fish and seafood processing equipment supplier, Cabinplant is marking their 50th Anniversary at Seafood Processing Global 2019 (Hall 4-5915)

Cabinplant was founded in 1969 in Haarby, Denmark, by the two entrepreneurs Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen and the company soon became a leading supplier of processing lines for fish & seafood.

Exhibiting at Seafood Processing Global 2019, Cabinplant will be presenting their tailor-made processing solutions for the fish and seafood industry.

  • Quattro Batcher for precise and efficient weighing and batching of large portions of up to 30 kg of fish and seafood, with a minimum of give-away.
  • Continuous Liquid Filler for accurate, high-speed filling of liquids with small particles into cans, glass jars etc. Doubles capacity without spillage
  • Cabinplant 50-year anniversary – half a century with innovative processing solutions for the fish and seafood industry to be celebrated at SPG 2019

Quattro Batcher for precise batches of pelagic fish

The Cabinplant Quattro Batcher is designed for precise and efficient weighing and batching of large portions of up to 30 kg of fish and seafood, with a minimum of give-away. A unique reject feature is the secret behind the standard setting precision.

The Quattro Batcher is designed for processed pelagic fish and seafood. Each batch is created of four individually weighed portions that are collected into a single batch. A unique feature means that an underweight portion can be rejected and replaced by another to make the batch weight very precise, e.g. within a margin of +/- 100 gram for a batch of 20 kg (depending on product).

For the food manufacturer, it means that he can deliver a whole pallet of batches that are very homogeneous in weight, thus reducing give-away. As the individual batches are within narrow tolerances, the need for control weighing is reduced and, in the end, the individual customers receive very similar batches and portions.

The Quattro Batcher has a compact and optimized footprint and is designed to fit into existing production lines. It has a capacity of batches up to 30 kg and 14 batches/min. for box-/carton-packaging. Operation is very easy with an intuitive interface and a 15’’ touch screen with pre-determined recipes and settings, providing a simple overview of the machine.

Faster liquid filling with no spillage

Cabinplant Continuous Liquid Filler

The continuous liquid filler (CLF) is a small and flexible solution, for pre- and final filling, with a very high capacity.

The Continuous Liquid Filler (CLF) from Cabinplant ensures precise pre- or final filling of liquids like tomato sauce, oil and brine, soups, or marinades into containers such as cans or glass jars with food like muscles, herrings etc.

CLF is a high-speed solution that increases capacity and constitutes a flexible and economical alternative to, for example, a major investment in a rotary piston filling line.

Thanks to a special designed filling valve, the dosed liquid follows the opening of the container. It not only doubles the speed, but also avoids spillage. The capacity of the CLF is up to 300 glasses/min for a single processing line and it can handle liquids containing small particles. The final filling is very precise and facilitates on-the-fly adjustment of the dose to secure that the weight of each container is on target.

A good example is prefilling of marinade before the filling of herrings into jars. The CLF-filler can easily be applied to the existing filling line and thanks to the precise amount of prefilled marinade the amount of filled jars that do not pass the control weighing is significantly reduced.

The change-over time is down 1-2 minutes when changing the size of the container. It only takes adjusting the filling height and selecting the recipe. Further, it is a compact solution that is easy to apply to the filling line and to switch over to other lines in minutes.

– The Continuous Liquid Filler has great potential for clients looking to speed their production up and to decrease their TCO, says Michael Schmidt Falck, CCO at Cabinplant, and he concludes:

– We look very much forward to present our new solutions alongside our well-known products at the SPG Exhibition as it provides a unique opportunity to get invaluable feedback from existing and potential customers.