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Commercial Fishing



Canada invests in Nova Scotian fishing harbours. The Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, has announced that the Government of Canada is investing $22 million in the renewal of several harbours in South Western Nova Scotian communities.

The funds will support work to reconstruct the existing breakwater, dredging and pile repairs at the harbour in Wedgeport, as well as other work at harbours in Centreville, Dennis Point, Hampton, Meteghan, and Parker’s Cove. Property will also be acquired to construct a containment cell to manage dredge materials from Centreville, Sandy Cove East, and Little River (Digby Neck) harbours.

These projects are among others being funded in Nova Scotia through the Government of Canada’s Small Craft Harbours programme to support the commercial fishing industry and local communities.

Bernadette Jordan said:

“Canada’s seafood sector brings in over seven billion dollars each year, with Nova Scotia leading the way in those exports. Over 90% of that product is landed at small craft harbours. With our 2021 federal budget, we’re investing $300 million to make our harbours greener, safer, and more efficient. We’ll continue to support the women men of our fisheries, tourism sectors, and construction industries, and the coastal and rural communities that depend on Canada’s small craft harbours.”

Quick facts

• In Budget 2021-2022, the Government of Canada committed an additional $300 million to be invested over two years for the renewal of Canada’s network of small craft harbours.
• Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) keeps harbours critical to the commercial fishing industry open and in good repair.
• DFO supports 990 harbours across Canada with more than 5000 volunteers from harbour authorities.
• Harbour restoration projects are undertaken in cooperation with the local harbour authorities that manage and operate facilities for local users.
• The Small Craft Harbour Programme budget for 2021-2022 is approximately $90 million; of this amount, approximately $70 million will be directly invested in projects for repairs, maintenance, construction and dredging at harbours.
• Canada’s blue economy and its future growth depend on the sustainable use and management of our ocean resources. A Blue Economy Strategy will enable us to protect and revitalize the health of our oceans while taking advantage of emerging economic growth opportunities throughout ocean sectors.