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This autumn, Gold Seal®, a leading supplier of canned seafood under the leadership of Ocean Brands, will mark a milestone achievement as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The Canadian Fishing Company first began producing Gold Seal in 1868 and in 1919 the Gold Seal name received its own trademark. Since that time, Gold Seal has grown to its current leadership position in the marketplace and is widely distributed across Canada. While Gold Seal also offers sardine and mackerel products, the pillar of its product line remains its iconic wild salmon (pink and sockeye), the recipe for which hasn’t changed since it came into being 100 years ago: salmon and salt. This tried and true recipe has been delivered from sea to table for the last century, underpinning the success of the Gold Seal brand.

“We are so pleased to be celebrating this incredible milestone and recognizing the success of a true Canadian brand,” says Ian Ricketts, President of Ocean Brands, Gold Seal’s parent company.

“My personal connection to Gold Seal goes back to my own childhood memories of it being a staple in our home. In the same way, our consumers also have their own memories associated with the Gold Seal brand, some of which go back nearly 100 years. They know there is something special about choosing products that are prepared in the same way that they were a century ago, and we pride ourselves on canning our salmon just footsteps from the ocean where the fish can retain their fresh and natural flavour.”

In 1927, Gold Seal created the first fisheries research laboratory in Canada to control and improve product quality, as well as to develop new products and processes. Always on the hunt for a good catch, Gold Seal first employed a relatively unknown artist by the name of Walt Disney in the 1940s to design some of its first print ads and promotional characters. With the brand’s growing popularity and success over the following years, it soon caught the eye of the third largest privately held company in Canada, and in 1984, Gold Seal became part of The Jim Pattison Group. This partnership, which still exists today, provided opportunities for expanded distribution throughout Canada.

“Gold Seal has always been driven by innovation, thought leadership and the desire to provide our consumers with only the best, responsibly-sourced seafood products. Our focus remains steadily on these pillars as we look forward to the next century of bringing Canadians simply delicious seafood,” adds Ricketts.

Gold Seal is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility and stewardship. Over the years, Gold Seal’s sustainability efforts have been recognized by Greenpeace, and the organization has also been named as a Certified B Corporation for its commitment to the highest standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Today, Gold Seal sells more than five million cans of seafood each year.

To learn more about Gold Seal, please visit https://goldseal.ca.