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Challenges of utilising the whole fish. The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Seafood has received a new report from Nofima. It points to obstacles that business actors and researchers face in the work of utilising the whole fish, marine residual raw materials and new species.

“The  world needs more sustainable, safe and healthy food. That means we need to eat more food from the ocean. We need to become better at using the whole fish and the opportunities that new species give us. This report points to obstacles we must overcome, and is an important input in efforts to promote sustainable food production from the sea,” says Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen (H) in a press release from the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries.

The report identifies the challenges that business actors and research communities face in their work with sustainable utilisation of marine raw materials. Among other things, documentation on the risks involved in using new species in the sea for food and feed production.

There are large regulations that the industry must comply with. We have gathered current regulations in a table so that it is easier to get an overview. This can prevent a company from developing products from residual raw materials or marine species that are stopped by legislation. This is a dynamic document that can be updated in the years to come,” says researcher Birthe Vang, who together with colleague Kjersti Lian are the main authors of the report.

Nofima has worked closely with industry players and other institutes such as the Institute of Marine Research, SINTEF Ocean and the Norwegian Seafood Council to get a good overview of the challenges facing the industry.

The Ministry will now review the report, with a view to following up on the most important challenges for succeeding in a better utilisation of marine resources.