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First ship of new Nueva Pescanova fleet heads towards Namibia. The ship Lalandii 1, the first of the seven ships commissioned by Spanish fishing/processing giant, the Nueva Pescanova Group, in a refurbishment programme for part of its fleet, has begun its journey to Namibia.

It left the Astilleros Armón Vigo shipyards and, before starting its journey, went to Chapela (Redondela, Pontevedra) to say goodbye to the team of the headquarters of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

This ship is the first of the three fresh fish ships which will work for the affiliates of the company, NovaNam and Lalandii, in Namibia and which will be dedicated to processing hake. As part of the same project, another four freezer ships are also included for catching lobster, for the affiliate Pescamar in Mozambique. These new ships shall join the fleet of more than 70 ships which will be operating in the southern hemisphere.

The company has allocated an investment of 42.5 million euros to the project, and is creating around 200 jobs in Galicia, turning it into the most important contract made in Spain by a company in the fishing sector.

The ship, one of the most advanced ships of the company, has been built by Astilleros Armón in Galicia. For its design, virtual reality was used as a tool to design and constantly improve the ship during its construction, a pioneering process in the sector. Furthermore, multiple professionals, from ship captains to chief engineers, petty officers, and even retirees who know the characteristics of the Namibian fishing grounds to perfection have collaborated in the design of the Lalandii 1.

It has the latest equipment including its high energy efficiency motors, which allows for high performance, reducing consumption and emissions, as well as improvements to the processing system on board and greater comfort for the crews.