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Marine Science



Fisheries authority works on sea angling strategy. The Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) has been working with recreational sea anglers to identify potential areas where appropriate management would proactively develop the angling sector.

After a series of consultation events the Skerries Bank was one of three sites chosen to pilot spatial management to protect important areas for sea angling from conflicts with fishing sectors.

A voluntary code of conduct was created which aimed to balance the needs of the various user groups.
In addition, a monitoring plan was developed to collect data via surveys, interviews and completion of commercial logbooks, on the use of the site by different user groups.

These data will help D&S IFCA understand how different user groups use the site throughout the year and monitor compliance with the voluntary code of conduct.

Analysis of the data has now been completed, which highlights the importance of the site to all fishing sectors and there is much overlap, both spatially and temporally in their use of the site.

However, several limitations of the data mean that a complete picture of the user groups use of the site was not possible.

In the absence of socio-economic analyses, D&S IFCA believes the continued development of a co-management approach appears to be the most appropriate way forward.