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Innovasea Completes Purchase of Nortek Akvakultur. Innovasea Systems announced that it has completed the acquisition of Norway-based Nortek Akvakultur.  Nortek Akvakultur has been combined with Innovasea’s Realtime Aquaculture unit to form the Innovasea Instrumentation team.

Innovasea and Nortek Akvakultur will be combining their products with the ability to add Realtime Aquaculture underwater wireless environmental sensors to existing Nortek Akvakultur installations.  This will be available to clients as a hardware upgrade in mid-2019 and will enable realtime delivery of data for both wired and wireless environmental sensors.  Complete integration of the product lines is anticipated by 2020.  Nortek Akvakultur AS will also change its name to Innovasea Akvakultur AS, effective March 1.

David Kelly, CEO of Innovasea shared, “We are very pleased with the progress to date.  The newly formed Innovasea Instrumentation team moves us to the forefront of the Aquaculture industry.  Combining Nortek’s Norwegian footprint, established client relationships, and industry expertise with Realtime Aquacultures’ technology opens the door to many new opportunities.”

According to Tor Skoglund, Managing Director of Nortek Akvakultur, “By joining forces, we are delivering more innovative solutions to aquaculture clients than ever before, and I’m excited to be a part of the newly formed Innovasea Instrumentation team.”

About Innovasea Systems Inc.

Innovasea Systems, Inc. is a technology-based company that produces innovative, fully integrated commercial open-ocean fish farming systems. Innovasea is leading the challenge of doubling marine protein production in a manner that is scalable, sustainable and in accordance with good stewardship of ocean resources.

About Nortek AS.

Nortek AS is a leading Norwegian technology company with focus on ocean current and wave measurements. The company is headquartered outside Oslo and has over 100 employees worldwide.