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Commercial Fishing



New manager to oversee IPNLF’s activities in St Helena. The International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), the non-profit organisation that is committed to developing and supporting responsible one-by-one tuna fisheries and supply chains, has appointed Cherie Dillon in the role of Project Manager on the British island of Saint Helena.

Cherie Dillon, based in St Helena, manages IPNLF’s on the ground activities while working closely with the St Helena Government, St Helena Fisheries Corporation, fishers, and other local stakeholders. Her role will facilitate our ongoing efforts supporting St Helena government’s progressive plans to turn its waters (to 200 nautical miles from shore) into an IUCN Category 6 Protected Area that only permits one-by-one tuna fishing methods. Through this engagement, IPNLF is also supporting improved local fisheries research and management alongside the promotion of safety at sea and developing trade opportunities for St Helena’s one-by-one tuna fishers.

Dillon spent a number of years working in policy roles with the St Helena Government before moving to their Corporate HR team in 2010, where she spent six years. She holds degrees in Psychology (with History) and Business Studies, and is a graduate member of the Chartered Governance Institute. She is keenly interested in corporate governance and economic development in small Island states. More recently, Cherie has also worked at Enterprise St Helena which promotes and supports economic development of the island.

Cherie Dillon replaced Julie Thomas, IPNLF’s former Project Manager St Helena.

Cherie Dillon says:

“I’m really excited about joining IPNLF and am pleased to have the opportunity to work in such an important sector for the island. I’m looking forward to developing my understanding of fisheries and to developing strong and effective stakeholder relationships”.

Roy Bealy, IPNLF Fisheries Director, says:

It’s exciting to have Cherie onboard and I’m sure she’ll provide excellent support to IPNLF’s ongoing efforts helping St Helena lead by example through only allowing one-by-one harvesting of its valuable tuna resources while also working to sustainably maximise the socio-economic benefits that local stakeholders can glean from their tuna harvests.

“We would like to thank Julie Thomas for her ceaseless efforts and diligence in her work for IPNLF.”