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Next era for INVE, Benchmark’s advanced nutrition division. Born from a spin-off of Ghent University in 1983, Benchmark Advanced Nutrition – also known as INVE Aquaculture – recently celebrated 35 years’ service to global aquaculture.

Set up to pioneer the development of early life feeding including Artemia, an essential live feed that has driven the growth of marine shrimp and fish hatcheries around the world, today the company has achieved 24%  market share in the global shrimp and marine fish hatchery nutrition segment and is present in more than 70 countries. The company also defined the standards for Artemia still being applied today by the industry.

Vision for the next 35 years

At a series of events held around the world to mark the milestone anniversary, leaders of the company mapped out their vision for the future, which will largely focus on developing holistic solutions for sustainably improving fry quality and using microbial management and other health solutions to overcome disease outbreaks.

CEO, Philippe Léger, commented:

“Innovation is how we started and, in this fast-growing industry, innovation in partnership with our customers is the way to keep driving sustainable growth in the industry, and to stay ahead of the competition”.

During the celebrations, Philippe Léger announced that he will hand over his role as Managing Director of Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition and CEO of INVE Aquaculture to Athene Blakeman who joined Benchmark in 2014 as Group Legal Counsel. Just now turning 65, Philippe decided to  work part-time supporting the development and execution of Benchmark’s key strategic initiatives and this way continue to play an integral role in the future growth and development of Benchmark.