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Norcod plans ‘cod farming revolution.’ In an attempt to take aquaculture to a new level, Norwegian fish farmer Norcod is planning to relaunch commercial cod farming on an unprecedented scale.

The company plans to produce 25,000 tonnes of fresh cod by 2025. Two farms are secured and Norcod aims to lock in concessions for eight more in the near future. Sales are expected to start in 2021 and the company is seeking approval from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and European Eco label for its products.

“The groundwork’s done, the market is open and the timing is perfect,” said managing director, Rune Eriksen. “We believe our cod will be one of the most sustainably produced protein on the planet,” he added.

World leaders recognise the potential of marine aquaculture to bolster future food security, with the recent High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy in its Future of Food from the Sea report suggesting the oceans could provide over six times more food than today.

Norcod champions high-yield farmed cod as part of that equation amid a stagnating supply of wild-caught fish and aims to use its cod both for human consumption and value-added by-products.

Building a socially important and profitable new business in line with UN sustainability goals is a great inspiration for Rune Eriksen and his team. “It is and is going to be a very exciting journey,” he said.