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Norwegian algae bloom underlines challenges of salmon farming. The challenges of farming salmon have been no better illustrated than the algae bloom that is currently hitting northern Norway, which has killed millions of farmed salmon.

The Norwegian Fisheries Directorate says authorities are struggling to bring the problem under control where more than 10,000 tonnes of salmon have died in their pens in fjords in the counties of Nordland and Troms since mid-May

That represents several million fish and a financial loss for fish farmers of tens of millions euros, it said.

Stocks are being hit by a phytoplankton common in Norwegian waters but which can under certain conditions bloom and asphyxiate fish in their cages.

The fisheries directorate says the bloom is not over and the mortality could soar even higher.

Norwegian Fisheries Directorate

The aquaculture and coastal management department.

The department has overall responsibility for management of the Fish Farming Act and the Aquaculture Act, as well as executive responsibility for following up political objectives related to aquaculture. The department is also responsible for co-ordinating sectoral authority in this area.

In addition, the department has responsibility for planning work and area-related issues in the area of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as crisis management and contingency procedures in the coastal zone, geographical information systems, the water framework directive, biological diversity and coastal culture.

The aquaculture studies section

The aquaculture studies section is responsible for aquaculture reports, fish health and welfare, the environment, the national watercourses and related salmon fjords, technical standards, escape data and the consideration of applications for trial and research licences. The section also has systems responsibility for the aquaculture register and internal control.