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Norwegian clipfish export value increases. Exports of clipfish (salted and dried cod) in 2019 totalled 91,800 tonnes, and NOK 4.8 million by value, according to the latest figures.

Volume was at the same level as during 2018, but the export value increased by NOK 529 million or 12 per cent against 2018.

“The low export levels of whole salted fish, together with a good development in the Portuguese market, explains the high value growth for codfish, especially in the second half of 2019”, says Ingrid K. Pettersen, Seafood Analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The export of salted fish in 2019 totalled 23,400 tonnes, while the value was NOK 1.3 billion. Volume fell by 19 per cent while export value fell by NOK 147 million or 10 per cent against 2018.

“Less available raw material and high raw material prices explain why export of salted fish has declined in 2019. The high salted fish prices probably led some of the Portuguese clipfish producers to hesitate to buy Norwegian”, says Ingrid K. Pettersen of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Exports of stockfish (dried cod) in 2019 were 5,600 tonnes, while the value was NOK 822 million. Volume fell by 24 per cent while value increased by NOK 67 million or 9 per cent by 2018.

“After several years of falling exports of stockfish to Italy, there has been an increase in the volume of exports to Italy, even at historically high prices. At the same time, the demand for dried cod heads in Nigeria also contributes significantly,” says Pettersen.