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Norwegian processor invests in new IQF freezer – Norwegian seafood processor Nergård Fisk AS has invested in a new IQF freezer from Skaginn 3X. The contract includes other related applications to IQF freeze fresh and lightly salted cod. The investment is a part of a long term plan to upgrade and refurbish the company’s processing facilities in Senjahopen in the north of Norway.

Nergård Fisk AS is a part of the integrated fishery group Nergård AS, which catches, processes and sells a range of wild seafood products from the north Atlantic. As the second largest in the North Norwegian fisheries industry, the Nergård group operates their own whitefish trawlers and whitefish and pelagic production facilities from Lofoten to West Finnmark.

The double lane ConTech™ IQF Contact Freezer runs individual freezing programs on each lane and can process up to three products oneach at the same time.

“Skaginn 3X’s IQF freezer was the right solution for us as we wanted the flexibility it offers,” says Jón Ingi Björnsson, COO and Head of Sales at Nergård AS.

“We process lightly salted filets and fresh cod filets and the new freezer has two lanes enabling us to run two different freezing programs simultaneously. Each lane can also process up to three different products so the flexibility we wanted was definitely there.”

Skaginn 3x’s multi-belt IQF Freezer is extremely versatile and efficient.

“The system’s two lanes make it possible to choose different freezing times as well as processing different product on each,”says Magni Veturlidason, Managing Director of Skaginn 3X AS, Norway.

“Our freezer has a unique belt technology that contact-freezes the product from below while airflow crust-freezes it from above. It does not leave any marks on the product and keeps the appearance and quality intact.”

Skaginn 3X’s IQF freezers are innovative, efficient and cost-effective. A patented TCAB belt system freezes product about 40% faster than conventional IQF methods. Products maintain their appearance; weight loss is kept at a minimum and product dehydration is prevented. Faster freezing times and better product handling improve both yield and quality.

The system is efficient as the freezer can be set to overnight storing mode if it is still full of product at the end of a shift. There is no need to wait for it to empty or start up in the morning. “The labor and energy savings can be significant for processors,” says Veturliðason.“Hygiene and sanitation are also designed to support efficiency. We made it simple to clean. The equipment outside the freezer’s enclosure can be cleaned every day without interfering with the freezer’s operation. Down time is kept to a minimum and hygiene is maximized.”

“All of our investments are designed to ensure that Nergård continues to be among the leading players in the seafood processing industry,” says Björnsson. “The new IQF freezer fits well into our operation as it is designed for flexibility and sustainability. The footprint is small and is designed to run through out the week without complete defrosting. This will save both time and labour for us.”