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Norwegians introducing strict coronavirus mitigation measures. Norway has introduced very strict measures to stop the infectious spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Nofima – the Norwegian fisheries research institute – is naturally following all recommendations and directives issued by the authorities, and has also introduced its own local measures to ensure the continued operation of the institute.

A Nofima statement said: “Nothing is more important than the health of our employees, customers and society as a whole. This is why Nofima has implemented a range of measures to limit the infectious spread of coronavirus. In several areas, Nofima has introduced stricter requirements than those called for by the authorities. We have do this out of consideration for our employees and in order to ensure that we can deliver vital services that our customers depend on.

“Nofima has introduced particularly strict measures to protect the part of the business that is critical for the care of fish and the operation of laboratories.  As a result, our sites at Sunndalsøra and Bergen are closed to all visitors. This is in order to ensure that fish welfare is safeguarded and that ongoing testing and analyses can be carried out in the best possible way with the fewest possible delays for our customers. Naturally, these measures have also been introduced in order to limit the risk of infection in line with the guidelines issued by the authorities.”

‘Some of the measures that we have introduced will obviously lead to delays in the supply of research deliverables by us, but I am sure that our customers will understand. Norway as a whole is undertaking an enormous effort to stop the coronavirus, and it goes without saying that this is an effort that Nofima is part of,’ says Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO.

Nofima has outlined below the measures it has taken:

  1. Coronavirus measures:All travel – whether work-related or personal – is suspended until 1 May. As a general rule, home working has been instituted for all Nofima personnel who can work from home. Good digital solutions means that employees can perform most of their duties, even if we must be prepared to accept that some deliveries will be delayed.
  2. Closed buildings: The Research Station for Sustainable Aquaculture at Sunndalsøra is closed to all visitors. Only operational personnel are still at the station. They will secure the ongoing operation of the station in order to safeguard animal welfare and ensure that fish trials can continue as planned in their respective projects insofar as this is possible.
  1. Maintaining customer contact: It is essential for Nofima to maintain good contact with our customers and collaborative partners. We will therefore try to hold all scheduled meetings in the best possible way through the use of digital interaction solutions. ​ If you have any questions relating to ongoing partnerships, please get in touch with your direct point of contact at Nofima or send an email to post@nofima.no.
  2. Customer deliveries: Several local measures have been implemented in order to maintain research and laboratory operations during challenging circumstances. Biolab carries out a range of analyses on behalf of customers in marine industries at Kjerreidviken in Bergen. This building is now closed to all visitors. The same applies to our own premises at Sunndalsøra.
  3. Contact with Nofima: As ever, it is straightforward to get in touch with Nofima. Our switchboard can be reached at +47 776 29 000. Our email address is post@nofima.no. If you wish to contact employees directly, you can find their details here https://nofima.no/ansatte/