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Ocean Fish forms new partnership with MULTIVAC UK to launch Ocean prevented plastic for all retail packed products. Family-owned fishing, retail supplier and processing import-export business, Ocean Fish has recently been working with MULTIVAC UK on packaging innovation over the last four years. In conjunction with MULTIVAC UK over the last twelve months, they have been working on relaunching 100% of their retail packed products in Ocean Prevented plastic trays or PE vacuum pack bags. This move to a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution will help to drive a circular economy in packaging, as well as sustainable fish sourcing.

Based in Cornwall, Ocean Fish has a fishing heritage dating back to 1740 and are close to all the West Country fish markets which means they process the freshest and finest quality fish. Their fleet of fishing vessels allows them to process their catch within 24 hours, and with a wide network of fish sourcing and purchasing throughout the UK and abroad, they supply over 30 different species of fish.

Their operation is focused on managing sustainable fishing in the open South West seas, utilising their fleet of fishing vessels, modern state-of-the-art processing and distribution to the UK and international wholesale and retail customers with their fleet of articulated trucks.

MULTIVAC UK has worked closely with Ocean Fish to create a new sustainable material for retail packaging. The consultancy approach from MULTIVAC UK’s Materials team allowed the two businesses to work together to produce a solution compatible with running on Ocean Fish’s existing MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine.

Reducing plastic destined for the ocean

Ocean prevented plastic is classified as using plastics that have been collected from within 50km of an Ocean coastline, collected from a country that lacks waste management infrastructure and collection incentives, plastic from countries or regions overwhelmed by population growth or tourism, or from an area that has significant risk to wildlife if plastic contaminates the ecosystem.

Recently launched by MULTIVAC UK, the new materials utilise a supply of recycled PET flake that would have otherwise ended up in the world’s oceans.

A unique blend of Ocean Prevented flake and post-consumer recycled PET flake forms a fully recyclable food-grade packaging material that contains 80% recycled content and conforms to UK food safety standards. The material is also categorised as OPRL widely recyclable, something many retailers are keen to stock on their shelves.

The recovered material of Ocean prevented plastics can be traced back to its origin. The unique blend has been specifically designed to run on MULTIVAC’s thermoforming packaging machinery, with no negative effect on performance and efficiency.

“As a business and a brand, MULTIVAC has a social responsibility to help minimise plastic packaging waste entering the environment. Ocean Prevented material is just a small part of us working towards that goal,” says Elliot Chrisp, Business Unit Manager at MULTIVAC UK.

Leigh Genge, Managing Director of Ocean Fish expressed:

“We are extremely pleased to be the first major retail fish processing company in the UK to supply 100% of retail packed lines in Ocean prevented plastic trays. The team have partnered with MULTIVAC UK to ensure we are at the forefront of new technologies in retail packaging. Our innovation in recyclable packaging formats will be central to all future projects.”

“MULTIVAC UK is proud to have been the preferred partner to Ocean Fish in their voyage toward a more sustainable packaging solution that fits into a circular economy for plastics. By using the Ocean Prevented system, Ocean Fish is at the forefront of packaging development and innovation and are not afraid to push new technologies to their retail customers,” says Clive Amos, Materials Specialist for MULTIVAC UK.

Since the launch of Ocean Prevented material at Ocean Fish, the business has been able to provide a sustainable packaging solution to retailers across the UK and are hoping to expand their production with a new thermoforming packaging machine from MULTIVAC.