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Robust plastic fish boxes and containers from Craemer

Robust plastic fish boxes and containers from Craemer

Skipper Expo Int. Bristol exhibitor Craemer UK Ltd has supplied the fishing industry from its production factories in Telford, England, and Herzebrock in Germany for over 35 years.

Still a long-standing family company, Craemer has now introduced a new, heavy duty pallet box, the CB3, for use in a variety of fishing industry applications.

CB3 is an extremely durable, robust container, used for fish, ice, nets, or waste transport, and anything which the high demanding fishing business may require this 610 Litre big box to do. It is 1200 x 1000mm standard pallet size, which is great for transport, and has extra-large entry gaps in the pallet base, for easier handling with all types of pump trucks, fork trucks and pallet movers.

As well as making standard fish boxes, Craemer says it is acknowledged nationally and internationally for making the best, most reliable plastic pallets in the marketplace. You  would therefore expect the CB3 pallet box base to be stronger with higher impact resistance than an ordinary pallet box. It is.

Clean lined and stackable for transport, the CB3 also has a baby brother, the 1200 x 800mm Euro size CB1 pallet as another option within this special range of products available from Craemer UK Ltd.