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Russia increases production of fish fillets. According to the press service of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Russian fishery producers are increasing the volume of high value-added products. According to Rosstat, the production of frozen fish fillets in the country in January-November 2021 increased by 38.5 thousand tons and reached 204.0 thousand tons. This is 23.3% more than the same period in 2020.

Production of frozen fish meat (including minced meat) increased by 15.5 thousand tons (61.4%) – up to 40.7 thousand tons.

The successful salmon fishing season in 2021 with a catch of 540 thousand tons of Pacific salmon (one of the best catch indicators in the entire history of the fishery) ensured a 2-fold increase in salmon roe production – up to 22.6 thousand tons. This is 11.2 thousand tons more than in 2020.

Production of fish, including fillets, smoked, increased by 1.7 thousand tons, to 59.1 thousand tons, or almost 3%.

The volume of high value-added products increased by 25% over the year.

The increase in fillet production is due, among other things, to the commissioning of 21 out of 24 fish processing enterprises within the framework of the investment quotas programme. The industry is faced with the challenge of globally renewing and modernising production facilities in order to ultimately produce final products. Today, the new plants can collectively process about 3.3 million tons of aquatic biological resources out of 5 million tons produced in 2021.

Within the framework of investment quotas, it is planned to build 8-10 large fish processing plants in the Far East.

The increase in processed products led, among other things, to an increase in the volume of exports. Thus, export supplies of fish fillets increased by 36.6% in 2021.

Source: dalekayaokraina.ru