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Successful development of tilapia cell line. EFISHient Protein, a leading Israeli FoodTech company, proudly announces the successful completion of the Tilapia cell line development. This groundbreaking achievement signifies a significant advancement in the field of cultivated meat technology, paving the way for sustainable cultivated fish production.

Through cutting-edge technological capabilities, EFISHient Protein has unlocked the potential to produce muscle and fat cells of Tilapia, a key step towards establishing a genetic cell bank. This milestone underscores EFISHient Protein’s commitment to providing alternative protein solutions and promoting sustainable practices in the global fish products industry.

Dana Levin, CEO of EFISHient Protein, expressed immense pride and excitement about this milestone, stating:

“We are thrilled to lead the way in revolutionising the global fish products industry. Completing the Tilapia cell line development showcases our dedication to accelerating sustainable protein solutions, ensuring future generations can enjoy nutritious and ethical fish products”.

EFISHient Protein’s partnership with BioMeat Foodtech and the Volcani Institute has been instrumental in combining breakthrough technology with extensive experience in the alternative protein sector. This collaboration positions EFISHient Protein as a promising player in the cultivated fish industry, poised to deliver affordable and environmentally responsible products worldwide.

As a business-to-business (B2B) company, EFISHient Protein is actively engaging with major fish product manufacturers globally. The company’s goal is to scale up production and make their technology accessible at competitive prices, contributing to global food security while preserving marine ecosystems.

EFISHient Protein is a leading Israeli B2B FoodTech company that is dedicated to accelerating sustainable whitefish meat production efficiently. They aim to provide nutritious, delicious, ethical, and affordable solutions that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Leveraging their unique expertise in white fish science along with alternative protein industry know-how, EFISHient Protein develops a pioneering cultivated whitefish meat production system. This system is designed to be utilised by food manufacturers and food service industries across the globe, revolutionising the way white fish meat is produced and consumed.