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Thai Union welcomes ethical recruitment report. Global seafood giant Thai Union Group PCL has welcomed an independent evaluation from ethical trade consultancy Impactt which found the company’s efforts to transform its recruitment policy were a “significant landmark in improving migrant recruitment practices.”

Thai Union’s strategy to implement change with the introduction of its Ethical Migrant Recruitment Policy in 2016 was an example for other companies to follow in achieving similar outcomes, according to the report.

The report, ‘Ethical Recruitment and the Employer Pays Principle: Translating Policy Into Practice,’ was published following a six-month evaluation of the policy commissioned by Humanity United and The Freedom Fund.
Impactt’s evaluation of Thai Union’s Ethical Migrant Recruitment Policy found it had resulted in:

• A large reduction in recruitment-related costs paid by workers;
• Workers feeling safer during their recruitment journey and experiencing higher levels of job satisfaction;
• An increase in job applicants and reduced labour turnover;
• The recruitment agent becoming more professional and being recognized for its ethical credentials.

“When we introduced our Ethical Migrant Recruitment Policy, we made a very firm commitment that all our employees should have access to safe and freely-chosen employment,” said Dr. Darian McBain, Thai Union Group’s Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

“I’m incredibly proud of the transformation we have witnessed across all of our operations. Participating in this independent evaluation is part of Thai Union’s strategy to take a leadership position in promoting greater transparency, because without transparency modern slavery will remain hidden in the dark.”

McBain welcomed the feedback from the Impactt evaluation, which also identified areas for improvement. She noted that while Thai Union’s systems are not perfect, it had acted quickly to introduce the Ethical Migrant Recruitment Policy because it wanted improve the lives of workers immediately, adding that the company is always looking for continuous improvement.

In the evaluation, Impactt also developed guidelines for an ethical recruitment roadmap for companies to follow when working towards a fair and transparent recruitment process, based on the outcomes of its Thai Union evaluation along with its experience with other companies attempting to improve their recruitment of migrant workers.