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AquaBounty Technologies first quarter 2021 financial results.

First Quarter 2021 Key Highlights

  • Fortified balance sheet with $127.1 million in gross proceeds from the closing of an underwritten public offering of common stock in February, to provide further financing for Farm 3 and corporate working capital.
  • Appointed veteran Atlantic salmon sales and marketing executive Dennis Bryant as the Company’s Director of Sales, who will oversee all aspects of building and servicing AquaBounty’s customer partnerships.
  • Participated in key investor conferences to improve visibility within the investment community, including the Canaccord Genuity 2021 Virtual Sustainability Conference, the H.C. Wainwright Global Life Sciences Conference, and the upcoming Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Conference.

Management Commentary

“During the first quarter of 2021, we completed the setup of our commercial framework and we are now preparing for the first commercial scale harvest of our genetically engineered (“GE”) salmon, which we expect to begin this month,” said Sylvia Wulf, Chief Executive Officer of AquaBounty. “The appointment of Dennis Bryant as our Director of Sales is a critical step in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are confident that all key processes are in place for the launch of our fish during May.

“We are looking forward to a successful commercial launch of our GE salmon, which will mark a tremendous milestone that has been decades in the making. We have the experience, capital and technology necessary to succeed, and the warm reception from our potential customers has fortified our belief that AquaBounty represents the next-evolution of land-based salmon farming. We remain focused on continued execution in the weeks and months ahead as we strive to create sustainable, long-term value for our shareholders.

“After successful sampling efforts of our GE salmon with widely respected seafood distributors and other interested groups in the first quarter, we began the customer onboarding process, which focused on finalizing planning and allocations for our impending first harvest. Our GE salmon was well received in sampling, and our sales team is very optimistic regarding near-term demand expectations, considering the resurgence of the food service industry as COVID-19 concerns begin to dissipate and consumers return to restaurants.

“We raised $127.1 million in gross proceeds in a public offering of equity in February to further finance the construction of our next farm with a planned capacity of 10,000 metric tons, which will greatly increase the Company’s growing capacity. We are currently in due diligence on the final site location and expect to commence construction later this year and commercial production in 2023. Ahead of these rigorous efforts, we have made substantial progress on the farm design with our engineering and RAS technology partners, ensuring we have an efficient, replicable facility design that will serve us for years to come,” concluded Wulf.

First Quarter 2021 Financial Summary

  • Revenue in the first quarter of 2021 was $74 thousand, as compared to $7 thousand in in the same period of the prior year. Revenue was impacted by the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on demand in the food service industry, which has started to re-emerge as vaccines become more widely available.
  • Operating expenses in the first quarter of 2021 were $4.2 million, as compared to $3.1 million in the same period of the prior year. The increase in operating expenses was primarily due to production and headcount increases at the Company’s two farms.
  • Net loss in the first quarter of 2021 was $4.2 million, as compared to $3.1 million in the same period of the prior year.
  • Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash were $211.4 million as of March 31, 2021, compared with $96.3 million as of December 31, 2020. The Company fortified its balance sheet with $127.1 million in gross proceeds from a public offering of common stock in February.

About AquaBounty

AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQB) is a leader in the field of land-based aquaculture and the use of technology for improving its productivity and sustainability. The Company’s objective is to help ensure the availability of high-quality seafood to meet global consumer demand, while addressing critical production constraints in the most popular farmed species. The Company’s genetically engineered salmon programme is based upon a single, specific molecular modification in salmon that results in more rapid growth in early development. With aquaculture farms located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Indiana, United States, AquaBounty is raising salmon that is free of antibiotics and other contaminants, in land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“RAS”) which are designed to prevent disease and to include multiple levels of fish containment to protect wild fish populations. AquaBounty’s solution offers a reduced carbon footprint and no risk of pollution of marine ecosystems, as compared to traditional sea-cage farming. For more information, please visit www.aquabounty.com