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Author: Fish Focus

OTAQ invests in AI technology business
BioMar heading for robust full-year results
Thai Union profits soar in third quarter
Seiche wins Ørsted contract to ensure Marine Mammal Safety
RSPCA-approved frozen Huon salmon now available at Woolworths
New marine broodstock diet from Skretting
Cornish hake achieves higher prices from MSC label
EU fisheries groups call for recognition of social dimensions to fishing
Defra Need to Know About Impacts on Export of Live Bivalve Molluscs
North-East Atlantic coastal states reach agreement on blue whiting and Atlanto-Scandian herring quotas for 2021
Aker BioMarine
The Marine Institute joins Atlantic collaboration for sustainableaquaculture
Seafood from Scotland take to the screens in virtual Shuck ‘n’ Shake event with Arbikie
Unregulated fishing threatening the Indian Ocean
The third best month ever for seafood exports
Huon RSPCA approved salmon available in Coles supermarkets
Benchmark signs deal with AquaCon
Friend of the Sea Creates World’s First Standard for Sustainable Scuba Diving
Pew Lack of progress on Antarctic marine protection a real concern
New Russian trawler begins sea trials