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Drysdale Engineering completes aquaculture installation. Tasmanian aquaculture equipment manufacturer, Drysdale Engineering Group, has just completed the installation of a ‘de-waterer’ for a local salmon farm.

Fish are pumped with water into the unit, then they are segregated into each race, ready for processing – and the water is removed.

“The installation is excellent quality and we are proud of the results our business is achieving,” says John Drysdale of Drysdale Engineering Group.

“We are a small company that delivers aquaculture innovation and solutions to several salmon farms around Tasmania and New Zealand.

“Our 75mm Stainless steel Feed spinners are world class , minimal breakage( 0.06%) – reliable and easily maintained ,the spinners come with HDPE plastic floats, as an option – but can be shipped without floats. The rotating head of the spinner will disperse between 20 – 40 kg of fish pellets per minute. The spinners are designed and manufactured in our workshop , and are made from 316 Stainless Steel, plus they are fitted with SS tri-clamps for easy adjustment and inspection.

“They can make a difference to achieving less wastage and improving the health and growth of the fish on farms.”

Drysdale PontoonThe Group also offers the Drysdale Modular Pontoon Floating Marina – a special product that meets the demands of the marine industry and government organisations. They are  temporary or permanent structures, that are designed to flex and move in the most trying conditions. The overall design utilises solid 40mm aluminium walkway mesh on decking with robust marine rubber buffing attached on the sides, protecting boats and yachts berthing at the marina. Extra sections of pontoon can be added as needed, depending on the requirements of the mooring area. Heavy duty hinges lock it together, so it can handle rough weather.

Engineering has been operating in Tasmania since 1989  – and employs 10  local people.

More: www.drysdalegroup.com.au