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Framo launching pioneering pump system. Framo Innovation is now set to launch the Framo AquaStream pump system, designed to help improve fish welfare, increase growth and reduce mortality in fish farms.

“Fish farms with lice skirts often require higher water quality in the cages, particularly in localities where the natural water flow is low. Our powerful and specially designed system covers this requirement by circulating more water and providing better distribution than the current systems in use today,” explains Sales Director for Framo Innovation, Terje Ljones.FRAMO LAUNCHING PIONEERING

Framo AquaStream provides conditions that are optimal for salmon in the cages.

The lice skirts submerged to cover the cage sides keep salmon lice at bay, but can impair water circulation and reduce oxygen content in the water. The deeper the lice skirts are submerged, the higher the reduction in water circulation. This may result in lower intake of feed and higher fish mortality, with potentially significant financial losses for the fish farmers.

Improved growth
The Framo AquaStream pump system is installed in the middle of the cage and pumps water directly up from depths of 20-25 metres – below the water layers where salmon lice and algae are found. This fresh, oxygen-rich water is pumped up into the cages and creates circulation for the whole water column inside the installation. No other system can currently provide such capacity. Framo AquaStream circulates a volume of water corresponding to two swimming pools every minute.

“The system is perfect for calm, hot summer days and when the oxygen level drops below the threshold for fish welfare in the winter. During the winter, when the water temperature falls close to zero degrees, the fish practically stop eating, and growth is very limited. By adding oxygen-rich water at a stable temperature of seven to eight degrees, the fish have a better appetite and we see a radical improvement in growth,” explains Terje Ljones.

Framo Innovation works closely with fish farmers and Norwegian Weather Protection AS in developing the Framo AquaStream System.

“We are experts in pump technology, and the fish farmers are experts in aquaculture. The pump system has been tested in a dock at Framo, with good results. The technology is now ready for full-scale testing at localities operated by two aquaculture companies”, says Terje Ljones.

Thoroughly tested technology
Newly established Framo Innovation has 15 employees, but more than 1000 people in the back.

“We are an industrial partner with big muscles. We have developed, installed and provided maintenance for pump systems on several thousand tankers and at oil and gas installations for half a century. We are experts on submerged pumping systems, we have a robust service organization and have established comprehensive systems for digital control and remote surveillance. We are now bringing all this into the aquaculture industry,” confirms Terje Ljones.


  • Framo AS is a leading manufacturer of pump systems for the chemical tanker market, the oil and gas industry and pumps used for oil spill recovery.
  • The company was founded in 1938 and has a worldwide organisation. Framo has its head office in Bergen, facilities in Fusa, Flatøy and Holsnøy, in addition to eight service stations on three different continents.
  • Framo Innovation was founded in January 2018 with the aim of identifying new markets for solutions based on Framo’s own pump technology.
  • Framo has the production of all our products in our own factories in Hordaland, laboratories and full-scale trial standards, in addition to its own dock for system testing.
  • The Innovation Department at Framo Innovation has 15 employees. In total, Framo AS has approximately 1,300 employees, of which 1,100 work in Norway.
  • Framo AS is part of the Alfa Laval group, and Bergen is the head office for marine pump systems. Framo AS sells and carries out maintenance of all Framo products.