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Estonian ferry upgraded to battery hybrid by NES. Norwegian Electric Systems has signed a contract with the Estonian shipbuilder Baltic Workboats to deliver upgrade of the Diesel Electric Propulsion System onboard the ferry Tõll to battery-hybrid.

The ferry operator TS Laevad, a subsidiary of the listed port Company Tallinna Sadam, operates the ferry routes between Western Estonia’s major islands and mainland. The upgraded hybrid-ferry, serving the Virtsu-Kuivastu route, is expected to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel by one fifth as a result of the hybridization project. The peak-shaving hybrid solution is designed by LMG Marin and the battery banks are supplied by Corvus Energy.

‘We have been in close contact with TS Laevad, LMG Marin, Corvus Energy and Baltic Workboats during the sales process’ says Fridtjof Erichsen, Regional Sales Manager in Norwegian Electric Systems.

Norwegian Electric Systems is the system integrator on the hybridization project and has developed a very robust hybrid-electric propulsion system which is successfully delivered on several ferries, and consist of:

Quest® – Energy Storage System
Norwegian Electric Switchboard
Norwegian Electric Transformer
Energy Management System
Project Management
Engineering and calculations
Commissioning and sea trial

The conversion work will take place in Q4-2019, and according to the agreement, Tõll will be sailing on battery power latest by February 2020. Based on a successful project, the technology will be deployed on all 4 new environmentally friendly electric ferries operated by TS Laevad.

Facts about Norwegian Electric Systems AS

Norwegian Electric Systems AS (NES) is a high-tech company with top-expertise in electric and hybrid propulsion systems, automation and integrated navigation. Its unique product portfolio enables NES to deliver complete solutions from bridge to propeller.

Its main focus is on having the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, and on ensuring that the product solutions are adapted to suit the vast majority of vessel types.

NES is based in Bergen and has branches with core expertise in Ålesund and Egersund, and currently have 67 employees.

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