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Icelandic mackerel season gets off to a slow start – The Icelandic mackerel season, which began for fish processor Síldarvinnslan at the end of last month, has started slowly.

The vessels have mainly been fishing south of the country and the catch has not been large. The vessels that land at Síldarvinnslan have collaborated on the fishing. Their catch is each time pumped on board one of the vessels that transports it ashore and the vessels take turns taking the catch on board.

With this arrangement, there are less distractions from fishing and vessels do not sail long distances with small catches. The vessels participating in this co-operation are Beitir NK, Börkur NK, Bjarni Ólafsson AK and Margrét EA, but it is expected that the co-operation will continue while the fishing is slow.

Bark arrived in the port of Neskaupstaður recently with about 800 tons and only about half of the catch was mackerel. A total of almost 5000 tonnes of mackerel have been landed in Neskaupstaður so far this season, and in addition almost 1800 tonnes of herring have been landed.

A Síldarvinnslan statement said: “The processing in the fish factory has been successful, but it always takes some time at the beginning of the season to get all the machines to work as expected. New equipment has also been put into use in the plant, which is beginning to perform its function well.

“This year’s mackerel fishing began earlier than in recent years and it seems that mackerel has to a very limited extent entered Icelandic jurisdiction. It should be borne in mind that fishing also started slowly last season.”