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Innovation award winner brings new product to Aqua Nor. Scottish aquaculture technology supplier Ace Aquatec has confirmed that they will be present at this year’s Aqua Nor. The show, which is the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition will be held in Trondheim, Norway from 20-23 August, where the exhibition will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Two years ago, the Dundee-based firm was the first Scottish company to win the prestigious Innovation Award for their Humane Stunner Universal (HSU) at Aqua Nor 2017. This in-water electric stunner allows humane fish slaughter by rendering fish unconscious without removing them from the water. This technology reduces fish stress, improves fish quality and can double the volume of fish processing per hour. Their HSU was also recognised for its positive impact on animal welfare across the global sea food industry with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation earlier this year.INNOVATION AWARD WINNER

Ace Aquatec’s HSU has arrived in Trondheim and will be on display alongside their Electric Fish, a non-acoustic deterrent that is designed to look like a dead salmon and serves as a predator solution for areas that have regulations in place against acoustic deterrents. Ace Aquatec will also display their new BioCam 3D; an under-water time-of-flight camera that captures fish biomass in real-time which will be available on the market later this year.INNOVATION AWARD WINNER

Business Development Manager, Andrew Thomson-Chittenden, added: “It’s been an exciting time in the Ace Aquatec office as we prepare for Aqua Nor, the largest aquaculture technology exhibition in the world. This is a brilliant opportunity for us to showcase our leading-edge products to prospective customers from around the globe, enabling us to expand into new markets and to promote positive animal welfare on an international scale. We’ve already received interest and meeting requests from businesses from New Zealand to the United States, and we’re keen to make an impact with our bespoke solutions for the aquaculture and marine industries.”

Ace Aquatec will be at Stand D-329.