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Insight into UK seafood industry

Opening doors for an insight into UK seafood industry

A group of North East students have had a unique glimpse into the UK Seafood industry as part of an initiative to promote the industry to young people. It was organised by Seafish, the public body that supports the £10bn UK seafood industry, to engage youngsters.

The study tour, was taken up by Middlesbrough College who sent two groups of catering students to Grimsby where they visited the fish market, a smokehouse, met a fish monger, toured Young’s Seafood’s Inspiration Centre, and took part in filleting and cooking workshops at the Grimsby Seafood Village.

Julie Snowden, Regional Manager for North East England at Seafish, who put the trip together, said: “These knowledge sharing study trips are vital to students to view the industry first-hand. It allows them to see the various stages involved from sea to plate and talk to those employed in the seafood sector.

“Not only will this increase their knowledge and skills when discussing species, preparing and cooking fish, it could assist with future career choices. This may lead to careers in bespoke fish restaurants or new product development for example.”

The tours were taken up by Level 2 Culinary Skills and Level 4 Culinary Arts Management and Level 4 Hospitality Management students over two days. Molly Shaher, Curriculum Team Leader at Middlesbrough College was delighted with what had been offered.

Molly added: “Some of the students had never tried or seen some of the fish being shown to them. It was an eye opener for them to see and hear what’s out there.

“For my college this was a phenomenal and informative experience. You couldn’t get anything better for the students. They all saw the benefits of where fish came from and how it gets to the plate with Rob Green, Seafish Chef Ambassador.”

Ivan Jaines-White, Commercial Director of Grimsby Seafood Village said:  “We were delighted to support and be involved with this great knowledge sharing initiative from Seafish in the Humber area.  To be able to showcase our industry from sea to plate was an invaluable study tour for the catering students. I hope it will assist with their studies and future career choices, some may become our future seafood ambassadors. We look forward to supporting future initiatives.”

Nicholas Donnelly, Communications Manager for Young’s Seafood Ltd said: “We were delighted to welcome Middlesbrough College to Young’s Seafood to help and inspire future generations to love fish. They came with a great energy and some really insightful questions and we look forward to seeing their careers in the industry flourish.”

For more information on training,careers and an insight into the UK seafood industry visit the Seafish website.



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