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New pelagic trawler contract for Faroe Islands. The shipping company Krossbrekka P / F from Gøtu in the Faroe Islands and Karstensens Skibsværft A / S have entered into a contract for a new 88.00 m Pelagic Snurper / Trawler.

​The vessel will be state-of-the-art, with everything within the latest in machinery, equipment and equipment.

The project as a whole has been created in a very close and intense collaboration between Rederi and Værft. The company and the shipyard’s advisers and bankers have also contributed favorably to an efficient decision-making process.

​Rederiet Krossbrekka is part of the Varðin group. Varðin was established in 1985 by 16 men / fishermen from Gøtu in the Faroe Islands. The newly established shipping company then ordered the first newbuilding, Tróndur í Gøtu, which was delivered in 1986. After a hard start, the company has been steadily built up, and today owns 4 pelagic vessels: Tróndur í Gøtu, Gøtunes, Tummas T and current Finnur Peace. The current Tróndur í Gøtu is No. 2 in a row, and was built at Karstensen’s Shipyard in 2010.

​The current Finnur Fríði is No. 2 in the series, and was delivered from a Norwegian shipyard in 2003. This ship has been extremely efficient, and among the absolute leaders in the Faroe Islands.

​Throughout the years, the well-known Arni Hansen has been the skipper of Finnur Fríði. Today, the job is shared with others.

In addition to the shipping company itself, Varðin now also operates its own pelagic factory on Suderøy in the Faroe Islands. In addition, Varðin is involved in a number of other farms, including the shipping company Faroe Origin, which operates 6 fresh fish trawlers.

​As indicated above, the company engages in pelagic fishing, including blue whiting, herring, mackerel and capelin. The new vessel must be operated according to the same principles.

​Varðin expresses satisfaction at having the opportunity to build a new ship again in close collaboration with Karstensen’s Shipyard. The entire shipping company is looking forward to the agreement and to getting started with the construction.

​​The hull of the new Finnur Fríði will be built at Karstensen Shipyard Poland, and the finished ship will be delivered in January 2024.

​The contract price is around DKK 340m, and thus the most valuable contract entered into by Karstensens Skibsværft on any fishing vessel.

Main dimensions of the vessel:

Length everywhere 88.00 m

Width molded 16.50 / 17.50 m

Depth 2nd deck 8.85 m


Other technical data:

Side propellers Brunvoll, 1400 kW

Submersible combi-thruster Brunvoll, 1479 kW

RSW system 3 x 1100 kW + 80 kW