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Commercial Fishing



Norwegian mackerel catches soar. As of the 7th of September, the Norwegian mackerel fleet has caught 188.400 MT of mackerel. At the same time last year they had caught 23.400 MT.

This year’s season started for real in week 32 (09.08-15.08) with 33.200 MT landed and continued on with 33.600 MT, 60.100 MT and 43.200 MT the following weeks. The Norwegian fishery has mainly taken place in the Norwegian Sea where a total of 182.300 MT has been caught, the remaining 6.100 MT has been caught in international water (Smutthavet).

The catches have mainly been landed for consumption purposes, apart from a few catches which has gone to fish meal and fish oil purposes due to logistical difficulties at the factories. A total of 184.000 MT has been landed for consumption and the quality of the mackerel has been reported as good.

As for the gear used to catch the fish, 80 percent of the catches have been caught with seine, which is a high percentage this early in the season.

Source: https://www.sildelaget.no/en/media/news/latest-news/mackerel-fishery-2021/