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Seafood Processing



Seafood Processors Wanted for Research  – Researchers at The University of Manchester are interested in carrying out research to understand the potential health consequences of exposure to fish and shellfish allergen in workers in the fish and shellfish processing industry.

Related health problems such as asthma have been shown to increase sickness absence and reduce levels of productivity amongst workers in the industry.

We are looking to recruit companies that carry out fish and shellfish processing.

Companies involved would receive a FREE OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE SURVEY of their workplace.

Participation in the study would initially just involve workers who are working in jobs where they might be exposed to fish and shellfish allergens completing a short questionnaire that they can complete online.

The questionnaire is confidential and anonymous, we don’t ask the worker to record any details such as their name and any information that might run the risk of identifying either them or the company will be removed by our researchers and replaced with a key.

The questionnaire should take about 20 minutes to complete and includes questions about their background, and work, as well as health questions about their skin and respiratory system.

The study is funded by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) but complete reassurance is given that only anonymised, summary data will be provided to the HSE and individual workplaces and workers will not be identifiable.

If you are interested in your company taking part or have any questions then please contact melanie.carder@manchester.ac.uk and we can arrange a call to discuss further details.