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Thai Union showcases Global Innovation Centre. To showcase the important role innovation is playing in Thai Union’s future growth, the group’s Global Innovation Centre GIC recently hosted guests from the media, Mahidol University’s Work Like a PRO program and participants from the SeaWeb Seafood Summit. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives, was among the guests from Mahidol University.

Dr Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Group Director – Global Innovation, explained about the founding and operation of GIC: “Innovation is one of Thai Union’s key strategies for business growth. Our innovation optimizes our products around the world. The centre has registered four patents since it was founded as the Global Innovation Incubator at the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, in 2015. This year the centre was expanded. The Global Innovation Centre was moved to our Bangkok office at SM Tower. With more than 5,000 sqm, Thai Union’s innovation centre is now three times bigger with an approximate annual budget of THB 300-500 million. The GIC doesn’t only contribute to Thai Union’s business but also to the global seafood industry.”

Dr Tunyawat also provided details on GIC’s initiatives, including:

Innovation focused on processing – Yellowfin Tuna Slices, the newest seafood innovation from the GIC, received the 2018 Seafood Excellence Award in the Best New Foodservice Product category at Boston’s Seafood Expo.

Innovation focused on packaging – Breakthrough innovative packaging through fundamental research on material science has led to the production of biodegradable and transparent material technology. This has been used to develop INFUSIONS by Chicken of the Sea®, a resealable, single-serve recyclable cup of wild-caught tuna with a built-in fork that is being rolled out across the U.S. Also, John West’s No-Drain Fridge Pot uses transparent packaging technology that saves space in the fridge and comes with an easy peel lid.

Sensory – Thai Union examines worldwide consumer trends and consumption behaviors to inform product development, ensuring our products reflect localized sensory preferences such as aroma, flavor and texture. This involves identifying and mapping sensory attributes, along with consumer research to understand product preferences, resulting in the development of new, innovative products.

Co-products – With a scientific understanding of seafood raw material properties, Thai Union can maximize the utilization and value of our catch. Co-products such as protein and oil can be extracted from seafood.

As a global seafood leader, Thai Union is determined to initiate and develop innovations to enhance product quality, nutrition and consumer satisfaction along with accelerating our sustainability through smarter utilization of fishery resources, optimization of processes and technology, and value creation of byproducts. Besides, new corporate revenue streams are created from research and development tailored for new business growth. Furthermore, Thai Union is ready to support the creation of innovative strategic collaboration with various organizations both from the public and private sectors around the world.