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Britain's leading Fish & Chip shops new customer loyalty campaign

Britain’s leading Fish & Chip shops new customer loyalty campaign

A new joint-partnership initiative launched by the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Ramoen offers branded gifts to select chippies to increase awareness that origin matters when it comes to premium quality and sustainability.

  • Activity Dates and Giveaways:
    • Friday 13th March: Free woolly beanie hats
    • Friday 27th March: Free reusable water bottles

With the loss of MSC certification for North Sea cod in September 2019, the Norwegian Seafood Council, Norwegian trawler the Ramoen and foodservice supplier Smales launched a sustainability-focused loyalty campaign to support the UK’s finest fish and chip shops and increase awareness that origin matters when it comes to premium quality and sustainability.

The campaign began with an industry roundtable to discuss the future of sustainable fish and chips with top chippies and restauranteurs at The Cod’s Scallops in Nottingham – since crowned the best fish and chip shop in the UK. With threats to stock sustainability, the North Sea was a topic of discussion; as chippies look to source raw produce from alternative sources, such as the Barents Sea – home to one of the most plentiful stocks of cod and haddock.

To take the campaign to the consumer, select fish and chip shops using MSC certified frozen-at-sea Norwegian cod and haddock from Smales and the Ramoen will unite to offer customers spending £10 and over on fish and chips, branded woolly beanie hats and reusable water bottles on Friday 13th and 20th March respectively, to reward customers for making sustainable choices when it comes to fish and chips.

UK Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr commented “Norway has a longstanding relationship with the UK in providing premium quality, sustainable seafood. We are proud to be working with the Ramoen and Smales to support those chippies who take pride over sourcing their seafood sustainably from Norwegian waters.”

Katrine Florvaag, Sales Director of the Ramoen added “sustainability is at the heart of our operations. 100% of our supply to the UK is MSC-certified, traceable, sustainable and – importantly – available for supply to the UK’s finest fish & chip shops. Our new initiative celebrates our latest range of larger boneless, filleted products, and aims to support those who are sourcing sustainable seafood from Norway and are proud to tell this to their customers.”

The Ramoen – an eco-friendly hybrid propulsion vessel – attributes their investment into sustainable and superior quality products to world-class and cutting-edge technology. A new range of larger boneless and filleted 16-32oz / 450-900g and 32 oz+ / 900g+ frozen-at-sea products are now available.

Frozen-at-sea whitefish is favoured by many award-winning fish and chip shops where consumption volumes are high. Once the fish is caught, it is processed, filleted and frozen to below -20C within 6 hours. Locking in optimal freshness, nutrients and taste without compromising on quality is what the Ramoen and many other Norwegian vessels have been doing time and again.

Seafood from Norway is known for its superior quality, green credentials and seafaring heritage – chippies can be sure they are sourcing sustainable ingredients from a country where people take great pride in their rich fishing hepritage.

Source: https://www.nfff.co.uk/news/item/britains-leading-fish-chip-shops-proud-to-say-origin-matters-with-new-customer-loyalty-campaign