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New tuna product launched for the health conscious. Thai Union Group has launched a new tuna product in Thailand to attract health-conscious consumers. To kick off the introduction of SEALECT Tuna Fitt, Thai Union has partnered with Bangkok-based gym WE Fitness for a fat-loss competition to encourage consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle by combining nutritious food with a workout plan.

The almost 200 participants in the challenge had their weight and body fat percentage measured to start the event, and have 30 days after registering to lose as much weight as possible. They will receive advice on nutrition and exercise throughout the competition. Prizes valued at THB 360,000 include cash, a gold bar, SEALECT products and a gym membership.

Saran Rattanarungruengchai, General Manager – Emerging Markets, Thai Union Group PCL. said: “Our SEALECT brand always focuses on our customers. SEALECT Tuna Fitt is ideal for today’s health-conscious consumers, as it has no trans fat, no preservatives or monosodium glutamate but is high in omega 3. We also realize that a healthy lifestyle requires a balance between diet and exercise, so by partnering with WE Fitness, we are helping raise awareness around healthy living.”

Weerawit Ariyakrirkkiet, Marketing Director, WE Fitness Company Limited, said: “WE Fitness is thrilled to be partnering with SEALECT, which like us has a heavy focus on good health. This challenge offers all competitors a free membership trial and personal consultation about nutrition and exercise from our trainers. The challenge provides analysis including a body composition analysis and muscle fat analysis during the 30-day period. The winner will be those who can lose the highest fat percentage.”